Fitness Friday: Week 1


Starting Weight: 198

Ending Weight: 198

Net: 0

Exercises/Classes Liked: Zumba! Loved the Zumba class. I went with a friend and we had so much fun! It’s now our standing gym date every week. I also really enjoyed the weight training.

Exercises/Classes Not Liked: None, but I hate that I have to use baby weights right now. Oh well, I’ll get stronger in time.

Adherence to Smaller/Frequent Meals: About 80% of the time. There was one day that I didn’t and man, was I hungry!

Motivational Reward for the Week: I went 5 days! I did scented baths each night, that I felt up to it. It was lovely. Also, I’ll be giving myself a facial at home sometime this weekend as my reward for going the whole week.


Menu Plan Mondays: Week 3, 2012


We stuck with ordering out just once, for pizza, last week. Yay! Last night we didn’t do the Sunday Pot Roast, though, because we had leftovers that needed eaten. I’m scheduling my bulk session for this coming weekend, so I need meals just for this week. I fixed yesterdays planned roast today, so now I’m off to the grocery store to fill in gaps for this week.

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday –Pot Roast with veggies

Tuesday – Baked Pork Chops (Shake N Bake style), Brown Rice, Veggies

Wednesday – Homemade Pizza and Salad

Thursday –  Spaghetti and Salad

Friday – Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Saturday – Date Night with Friends/Eating out with other couples at a favorite Indian restaurant

Sunday – Chicken Fried Rice (to use up the extra rice from Tuesday, and any leftover veggies)

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Fitness Friday: New Series!


I’m really enjoying posting my weekly menu plan every Monday. So much so that I want to try another weekly post series called Fitness Friday.

I want to post weekly on how well I stuck to my plan of going to the gym 5 days a week (M-F). Yesterday I just joined World Gym in my town. They have an AMAZING facility. It’s a somewhat new gym so it’s pretty high-tech. I mean, they have a cardio theater! You literally can watch films on a big movie screen while you mindlessly do your cardio on the machines. I was able to get a rather good deal, but it’s only a good deal if I actually use it.

My last attempt at being a gym member was less than great, mainly because I just never went. I never had a set schedule of when I wanted to go, never really took advantage of classes, got a trainer but didn’t do training sessions (big mistake for me, I need accountability), and never really utilized all their services. Well, that was a different gym and I am a better me.

I’m fed up with being overweight. I’m fed up with being tired all the time and being insanely out of shape. I have time to work out. I enjoy working out. I love lifting weights and doing group classes for yoga and zumba. I love using an elliptical. Heck, I love to run… when I’m not 70 pounds overweight and it hurts to run.  I don’t love my body, and honestly my body isn’t loving me back. So, I’m pissed off at my current state of physical existence and being pissed is the best motivator I’ve found to getting things done effectively when I have motivation problems.

I actually have a pretty good diet for what I normally eat. I have two failings, though… snacking on things I shouldn’t and portion control. Basically, I need to start eating more than 3 balanced meals with snacks. I need to start eating like 5 smaller balanced meals, maybe 6. Going to start that tomorrow.

So here’s what I’m planning to include in my posts for this series:

Start of Week Weight

End of Week Weight

Net Loss or Gain

Exercises/Classes I Liked

Exercises/Classes I Didn’t Like

Adherence (or not) to Smaller Meals More Frequently

Motivational Reward for the Week

Menu Plan Mondays: Week 2, 2012


This past weekend was a bit crazy, so we ended up eating take out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I know, BAD! But it is what we had to do given the circumstances. Here’s hoping that this coming weekend isn’t as crazy so we can be a bit more frugal. I didn’t need to do my bulk cooking session yet. I imagine at the end of this week I will need to, though.

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday – Chicken and Rice, Veggies

Tuesday – Chops with Pear and Apple topping, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies

Wednesday – Vegetarian Cassoulet

Thursday –  Meatloaf, Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies

Friday – Eat Out/Take Out night

Saturday – Curried Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts, Brown Rice, Veggies

Sunday – Pot Roast with veggies

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Best of 2011



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Corn Pudding


Tie Neck Blouse and Pencil Skirt

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Circle Skirt and Wrap Blouse


Dollar Store Beauty

Mantle Artwork

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52 Things

Menu Plan Mondays: Week 1, 2012


In recent months I’ve been getting in the swing of doing bulk/once a month cooking. I’ve found it greatly reduces the stress of worrying about what’s for dinner and it also saves us a LOT of money because we don’t eat out as much as we used to. It normally takes me an evening of prep work (chopping, browning meat, etc.) and 2 days of cooking/packaging/freezing, due to my own physical limitations (pinched nerve in my groin that makes it hard to stand for long periods) and focus issues (ah, gotta love ADD lol). But it gets done and I have usually around 24 or so meals for my family for the month. Sometimes they last more than a month depending on what we have going on socially.

Well, all of that is great for my family, really, but I had yet to actually plan WHEN we would be eating all these meals. Like a weekly plan to make sure we don’t overuse some meals and under-use others.  Today I fixed that. I was inspired by Nony at A Slob Comes Clean to post up my weekly meal plan, but first I had to make one. I used this printable (scroll down for the image). It really appeals to my retro design aesthetic. I slid it into a clear, smooth page protector, clipped it to my clipboard, clipped it and the clipboard with a heavy duty magnet clip and hung it on the fridge. I then took a dry erase marker and started filling in the days based on what meals I have in my freezer right now. Here’s what I see when I walk towards the fridge now:

Menu plan on the freezer door. Calendar, shopping list, and extra chore chart (the chores the girls earn allowance for doing) on the fridge door.

We are at the end of the monthly cooking cycle, so now it’s just a matter of using up what I have left before I schedule my bulk cooking session again.

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday – Meatloaf, Salad, Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday – Apricot Port Chops, Brown Rice, Veggies (I cook these based on whim, and keep a variety of frozen veggies on hand)

Wednesday – Beef Enchiladas, Salad

Thursday – Curried Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts, Brown Rice, Veggies

Friday – Eat Out/Take Out night

Saturday – Vegetarian Cassoulet

Sunday – Pot Roast with veggies

This will leave me with 3 meals in the freezer at the start of next week. Saturday and Sunday are crock pot meals, so I will be doing my prep work on Friday and do my bulk cooking on Saturday/Sunday.

I’m linking this up at I’m an Organizing Junkie. I want to be organized like her when I grow up!

New Year, New Goals


So, it’s time for a new year and time for new goals. Last year’s goals were not too bad, really. I did a few of them, which is better than none I think. Here’s the recap:

  1. Rebuild my wardrobe. – This is still in progress by the end of 2011 and I’ve made significant progress. I got rid of a TON of clothing (donated/freecycled) and I have been steadily building a really wearable wardrobe that I love.
  2. Get my craft mojo back! – I hardly did any knitting or crocheting, but I did get my craft mojo seriously going with decorating projects and sewing.
  3. Cull excess crap from my surroundings and life. – I got rid of all the excess knitting/crocheting supplies that I was NEVER going to use and no longer loved. Yay! I also moved my sewing space from the bedroom into the great room and reorg’ed it a bit. It still needs more organization work, though.
  4. Land my first RN job! – I got my RN license and got my first job! Yay! I start Jan. 2012!
  5. Get our finances in better order. – This finally started happening around the end of the year. I got into bulk cooking which has saved us a LOT of money, and we’ve been doing less frivolous spending.
  6. Prepare to buy our first house. – Didn’t happen.
  7. Devote more energy into my relationship with Bill. – Made some small improvements, but there’s still a TON of room left to be better.
  8. Devote more energy into my relationships with Evie and Abbie. – I think I made pretty good strides with this, but there’s always room for improvement.
  9. Try out for another play! – I’ve decided to not try out for acting gigs for now. I got involved in costuming and really love it.
  10. Prepare for my first competitive run. – Yeah, um, didn’t happen. My large rear end was way too comfy to sit on this year.
  11. Go out and sing karaoke! – Didn’t happen.

I’m actually pretty proud of how much I did do as far as my goals this past year. Yay me! Now, this year I want to accomplish the following… or at least make progress towards these things:

  1. Sew more clothes for myself and the kids. I really want more dresses. I also want to make myself a pair of pants that fit me well. I’m currently in process of preparing my dream winter coat for sewing, so that will be first on the list to get done.
  2. Boost my little side business, sewing custom clothing and alterations. I have 5 potential dresses to make this coming year. I need to confirm them asap and make sure I have satisfied customers so they can recommend me to others.
  3. Complete the BSN portion of my RN to MSN Education degree. I’m starting Jan. 2, 2012 with Western Governor’s University. I really think this is totally doable. I’d like to get my MSN within 2 years, tops.
  4. Save money for our first house. We are tightening our belts a bit so we can start saving for a down payment. Now is really the time for us to buy so we just need to get our money in order for it.
  5. Improve my relationship with Bill and the kids. I adore my family and need to make sure they are aware of that daily.
  6. Finish one knitted item. I have a sweater for myself and one for my mother in the works. I need to FINISH something. Even if I don’t love doing it anymore I want to make sure I finish what I promised to do.
  7. Walk the neighborhood at least 3-4 days a week. My large rear end is SUPER comfy, but.. it’s a big BUTT, and I want to get it just a little smaller. So I need to start moving, regularly. Not in the hyper spurts that I tend to do. I have severe motivation issues and lose steam with most exercise, but I really enjoy walking my neighborhood. It’s scenic and peaceful, so I need to use that to my advantage and do something.
  8. Organize my sewing area and bedroom. They both need SERIOUS help. This is a big challenge for me as I’m kind of chaos incarnate and don’t really have an organized bone in my body. lol But I gotta try.

I think that’s it. Fewer things than last year, but things that are far more important to me at this point.

I hope you all have a happy, prosperous and safe New Year!