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2012 Goals Check-Up: January


It’s now the beginning of February and I’m wanting to check in on how I’m doing towards my goals for the year as of the end of last month.

  1. Sew more clothes for myself and the kids. In Progress/This is actively being worked on. I am working on scrubs for my new job (Yay!), some wardrobe essentials I’m sadly lacking, and I plan to make the girls’ Easter dresses.
  2. Boost my little side business, sewing custom clothing and alterations. This will become a priority this month.
  3. Complete the BSN portion of my RN to MSN Education degree. I’m nearly finished my first course. At my current rate I’ll be done my BSN portion of my education by October 2012. Woo hoo!
  4. Save money for our first house. We are budgeting and saving! Yay! We plan to rent a house this spring, for 12 months, and then buy after that lease is up.
  5. Improve my relationship with Bill and the kids. In Progress/Some days are better than others, but I am trying my best.
  6. Finish one knitted item. I started working on my in progress vintage sweater last weekend. I’ve been working on it when I have nothing to do. I hope it’s done by fall.
  7. Walk the neighborhood at least 3-4 days a week. This will not happen until spring, I’m sure. I have been working out 3-5 days a week at the gym, though. Yay me!
  8. Organize my sewing area and bedroom. Sewing area is in progress. Bedroom is a beast and very overwhelming. I’ll get to it soon. We’re planning on moving and I need to get that stuff under control so we can pack and go when we need to.


Week of Busy!


So, there was no Menu Plan Monday and Fitness Friday this week. I really had the best of intentions to get them put up but it just wasn’t to happen. Life happned and those two days were BUSY for me. I did plan my meals, and generally stuck to it. I also did my workouts and I’ve lost 6 pounds total to show for it. Yay! Hopefully life will slow down just a spec and I’ll be back to posting on Monday and Friday like I planned.

Fitness Friday: Week 1


Starting Weight: 198

Ending Weight: 198

Net: 0

Exercises/Classes Liked: Zumba! Loved the Zumba class. I went with a friend and we had so much fun! It’s now our standing gym date every week. I also really enjoyed the weight training.

Exercises/Classes Not Liked: None, but I hate that I have to use baby weights right now. Oh well, I’ll get stronger in time.

Adherence to Smaller/Frequent Meals: About 80% of the time. There was one day that I didn’t and man, was I hungry!

Motivational Reward for the Week: I went 5 days! I did scented baths each night, that I felt up to it. It was lovely. Also, I’ll be giving myself a facial at home sometime this weekend as my reward for going the whole week.

Fitness Friday: New Series!


I’m really enjoying posting my weekly menu plan every Monday. So much so that I want to try another weekly post series called Fitness Friday.

I want to post weekly on how well I stuck to my plan of going to the gym 5 days a week (M-F). Yesterday I just joined World Gym in my town. They have an AMAZING facility. It’s a somewhat new gym so it’s pretty high-tech. I mean, they have a cardio theater! You literally can watch films on a big movie screen while you mindlessly do your cardio on the machines. I was able to get a rather good deal, but it’s only a good deal if I actually use it.

My last attempt at being a gym member was less than great, mainly because I just never went. I never had a set schedule of when I wanted to go, never really took advantage of classes, got a trainer but didn’t do training sessions (big mistake for me, I need accountability), and never really utilized all their services. Well, that was a different gym and I am a better me.

I’m fed up with being overweight. I’m fed up with being tired all the time and being insanely out of shape. I have time to work out. I enjoy working out. I love lifting weights and doing group classes for yoga and zumba. I love using an elliptical. Heck, I love to run… when I’m not 70 pounds overweight and it hurts to run.  I don’t love my body, and honestly my body isn’t loving me back. So, I’m pissed off at my current state of physical existence and being pissed is the best motivator I’ve found to getting things done effectively when I have motivation problems.

I actually have a pretty good diet for what I normally eat. I have two failings, though… snacking on things I shouldn’t and portion control. Basically, I need to start eating more than 3 balanced meals with snacks. I need to start eating like 5 smaller balanced meals, maybe 6. Going to start that tomorrow.

So here’s what I’m planning to include in my posts for this series:

Start of Week Weight

End of Week Weight

Net Loss or Gain

Exercises/Classes I Liked

Exercises/Classes I Didn’t Like

Adherence (or not) to Smaller Meals More Frequently

Motivational Reward for the Week