Planning My Wardrobe: First Step = Knowing My Style


Before I went about making a list of things I knew I would wear all the time I had to figure out what I would wear all the time. Basically, I had to determine my style. Developing my style has been a lifelong process. I’ve never been afraid of fashion or trends. Typically I was one of the first to wear a trend in my social circles. As I got older I developed a more refined style that included a lot of classics with a hint of trendy items, usually accessories.

I was a kid that often wore hand-me-downs, and I loved playing dress up with my mother’s and grandmother’s clothing. I can remember being 4 or 5 and prancing in my mother’s Aigner high-heeled boots, or singing on my grandmother’s hearth in her gorgeous costume jewelry and fancy dress coat from the 60’s. Loving retro and vintage fashion has always been a part of me. Now I fully embrace that and want to show it more in my wardrobe. I figured my best bet would be to develop some style icons and look at how they dressed to pull ideas for things I really would enjoy wearing all the time. Here’s the ladies I love style-wise:

Sophia Loren

Cinched waists, tight but classy clothes, pencil skirts, wiggle dresses, fur outerwear, and LEOPARD PRINT! OMG! I am so addicted to leopard print!

Marilyn Monroe

Tailored, fitted, wiggle dresses and pencil skirts, bombshell silhouette with great support undergarments.

Jean Harlow

Bias cut, fur outerwear, satin, silk, velvet.

Katharine Hepburn

Loafers with a little heel, wide legged trousers, tailored blouses and blazers.

From these I came up with my list of things I would wear most often, and that I would get the most use out of. My own basics. I hope you enjoyed your peek at my style inspiration.


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