Planning My Wardrobe


This weekend I pretty much cleaned. Yeah, envy my exciting life. lol Seriously. I was just tired of my desk looking like a bomb went off. So Friday night I cleaned it up. I swear it’s cleaner than it’s ever been since we built it. It’s not done yet, as I still have to go through the hutch on top of my desk. Once I do that, planning to do so this coming weekend, I will post pictures. There will be no before pics. Sorry, it’s too embarrassing. lol Well, I LOVED the results of my newly cleaned and organized desk surface. So much so that Saturday I decided to really tackle the rest of the house. It looks AMAZING! I got the kitchen, baths, and great room taken care of. I still have to handle the entry, master bedroom, kids’ room, and my sewing nook. It’s so awesome to be able to exist in orderly living spaces! I took today off, as I felt I deserved a day of rest. I did some sewing for the play I’m the costume designer for, and did some light cleaning (laundry and dishes). I took a glorious nap and then after dinner read one of my favorite blogs, The Glamorous Housewife. She has some excellent posts on vintage and vintage inspired fashion, and wardrobe planning.

I’ve never really planned my wardrobe. Ever. And it shows. I have a lot of pieces but a lot of them are not really my style, don’t fit the way I’d like them to fit (I’m growing to hate ready to wear more and more as I sew more), or are orphans (nothing matches them). I’ve also come to realize that I have a definite style and my wardrobe isn’t exactly living up to all I am. I am not a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I actually hate jeans. They have a purpose, a utilitarian one, in my mind. I would wear them to paint or work on cars or something, but I actually wear them almost daily… and I hate it. I like trousers, skirts, and dresses. Well tailored pieces that look impeccable. I hate t-shirts. I literally only wear them to the gym or to sleep in (rarely), because that’s their purpose to me. Utilitarian. I like blouses, sweaters, and other tops that have a bit of a fancier appearance. I love the lines of 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s clothing. They fit my hourglass figure perfectly. So, my style is best described as retro elegance with a splash of glam.

With that in mind I’ve come up with my Diva Basics (because I really am a diva lol). These are the things I wear, or would wear if I had them, all the time, mixed with other pieces and accessorized perfectly.

Just off the top of my head I have:

  • 2 V-neck sweaters, one in brown and one in khaki
  • 2 cream colored cardigans (one beaded, one not)
  • I know I have some pullovers, but I need to go through them because a lot of them I know I don’t wear
  • 1 pair knee high boots
  • 1 pair vintage heels
  • 1 pair loafers
  • 1 trench coat
  • 1 overcoat
  • 3 sport bottoms
  • 5 sport tops
  • 2 bras that kind-of fit, but I have on order a pattern and supplies to make 2 that REALLY fit
  • approximately 12+ panties, I need to go through them, though
  • 4 pair nude nylons
  • 4 pair tights
  • 1 full slip
  • 1 girdle

And I have in process:

  • 1 basic blouse, it just needs buttons sewn on
  • 1 pair cropped cigarette pants, needs the waistband sewn on and the hems done
  • 1 overcoat – I have a tan wool one, but I have wanted a faux leopard fur one for AGES and I’m making one. It’s not quite halfway done.

I’ll be going through my wardrobe this week and weeding out what I don’t love anymore for any reason. Then I will reassess my checklist. I really need only clothes I love.

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