Fitness Friday: Week 1


Starting Weight: 198

Ending Weight: 198

Net: 0

Exercises/Classes Liked: Zumba! Loved the Zumba class. I went with a friend and we had so much fun! It’s now our standing gym date every week. I also really enjoyed the weight training.

Exercises/Classes Not Liked: None, but I hate that I have to use baby weights right now. Oh well, I’ll get stronger in time.

Adherence to Smaller/Frequent Meals: About 80% of the time. There was one day that I didn’t and man, was I hungry!

Motivational Reward for the Week: I went 5 days! I did scented baths each night, that I felt up to it. It was lovely. Also, I’ll be giving myself a facial at home sometime this weekend as my reward for going the whole week.


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