Fitness Friday: New Series!


I’m really enjoying posting my weekly menu plan every Monday. So much so that I want to try another weekly post series called Fitness Friday.

I want to post weekly on how well I stuck to my plan of going to the gym 5 days a week (M-F). Yesterday I just joined World Gym in my town. They have an AMAZING facility. It’s a somewhat new gym so it’s pretty high-tech. I mean, they have a cardio theater! You literally can watch films on a big movie screen while you mindlessly do your cardio on the machines. I was able to get a rather good deal, but it’s only a good deal if I actually use it.

My last attempt at being a gym member was less than great, mainly because I just never went. I never had a set schedule of when I wanted to go, never really took advantage of classes, got a trainer but didn’t do training sessions (big mistake for me, I need accountability), and never really utilized all their services. Well, that was a different gym and I am a better me.

I’m fed up with being overweight. I’m fed up with being tired all the time and being insanely out of shape. I have time to work out. I enjoy working out. I love lifting weights and doing group classes for yoga and zumba. I love using an elliptical. Heck, I love to run… when I’m not 70 pounds overweight and it hurts to run.  I don’t love my body, and honestly my body isn’t loving me back. So, I’m pissed off at my current state of physical existence and being pissed is the best motivator I’ve found to getting things done effectively when I have motivation problems.

I actually have a pretty good diet for what I normally eat. I have two failings, though… snacking on things I shouldn’t and portion control. Basically, I need to start eating more than 3 balanced meals with snacks. I need to start eating like 5 smaller balanced meals, maybe 6. Going to start that tomorrow.

So here’s what I’m planning to include in my posts for this series:

Start of Week Weight

End of Week Weight

Net Loss or Gain

Exercises/Classes I Liked

Exercises/Classes I Didn’t Like

Adherence (or not) to Smaller Meals More Frequently

Motivational Reward for the Week


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