It’s our Anniversary! (7th, that is)


Well, officially yesterday was our anniversary. We were married on Friday, Oct. 13, 2004. It was a dreary, rainy day and the sun came out when we were taking photos after the ceremony. Funny thing is yesterday was a dreary, rainy day and the sun came out at about the same time it did 7 years ago. How amazing is that?

We decided a while back to do the celebrate thing for our anniversary this weekend. We gave each other little things yesterday. Bill gave me a very touching card that I’ve re-read at least 10 times since getting it and 35 little post it notes with “Love You” written on them posted all over the house. I gave him an e-card, a Cthulhu cup cozy (hand crocheted by the lovely Jade Bartlett) for him to take to work for a laugh, and a real card.  Otherwise it was a fairly normal evening in our house… dinner, family time, unwind after kids are in bed, etc. Today I woke to find a love note written on the storm door in dry erase marker from Bill and I gave him his other, sweeter, present when he got home from work. I used this tutorial and template download to make it. He loved it. Here it is:

Here’s the other gift I gave him:

Photo courtesy of Heather Bartlett.

Bill will give me my other gift this weekend. I can’t wait! Tomorrow we are going to have dinner at El Dorado and after dinner we will go to the “Ghosts of Sotterly” performance at Sotterly Plantation. Sunday we will wake up late after enjoying an evening without the kids. (Thanks to my in-law’s for letting them spend the night Saturday!)


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