That’s it! I’ve had enough!


How many times have you said that about your own children’s habits? Well, I had that experience this morning for the, um.. well I have lost count of how many times. It was over the TV in their room. Yes, they have a TV in their room. Yes, they watch WAY too much of it, which was my issue. But this morning I sent them to clean their room, and what should have taken 15 minutes tops (it really wasn’t very messy, shockingly) took 95 minutes because they kept stopping to watch TV. I removed the TV from their room about halfway through, and after the fits stopped the room actually got clean. So, after that was done my girls and I sat and talked about the TV and the habits they had with it. Working with them I came up with a set of rules for them to follow so they get to watch what they want to watch, but still do what they are supposed to without the TV distracting them. I ran them by my hubby and he was in agreement.

*I got the frame for this image from The Graphics Fairy. I recolored it and added the text in Photoshop CS4.*

Of course, this is only applicable until school starts, then the morning TV time is only on weekends (if we have no other plans after breakfast). The girls are aware of how it will change once school starts. So far today is going very well. It’s lunch time, their room is clean, the TV was off when the timer went off, and there was no fits thrown. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I’ll be putting the printed rules in a clear acrylic document frame to hang by their TV.

Mainly, the goal of this is to get the kids to clean their room in a timely fashion when they are told to do so. I probably should have thought of something like this years ago, but really.. I’m not the structured and organized type. At all. And both of my kids need structure and organization. Yeah, um, that’s almost foreign to me, so I’m a little slow with figuring these things out with them.

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