Sewing: Tie Neck Blouse and Pencil Skirt


In July I had a LOT going on. My stepchildren were visiting for the month, we did a bunch of fun things, and I had an interview with the local hospice that went really well. I wore this to my interview:

A dress I made from New Look 6643 in red stretch cotton sateen from It fit me the best of all the dresses I owned that would be interview appropriate. I was told at the interview that I would have a second interview soon and a half-day shadowing a nurse to make sure hospice is what I want to do. Well, I got home and immediately started to plan out my second interview outfit, because I was going to HAVE to make one since my handmade dress fit me so well.

Here’s what I came up with:

Tie Neck Blouse from New Look 6831, View D *OOP

Fabric:  Polyester Shirting from Hancock Fabrics

Size Made: 18 with adjustments

Pattern Notes:

I modified the pattern with a Full Bust Adjustment and that required one additional button, which I did not have, so I put a snap at the top button place, since it is totally hidden by the bow anyways. I also had to increase the darts, and lengthen them (I’m short waisted as well as a busty hourglass).  I used this tutorial for the sleeves.  Also, I forgot to hem the first sleeve before sewing it together (doh!) so I just hemmed both after attaching. Worked just fine. I bound the shoulder seams for additional support without bulk. This was a great blouse pattern and I made a wearable muslin that I intend to stitch securely (it’s all basted) and put longer sleeves on for fall. I love how this blouse fits me!

Wrap Front Pencil Skirt from Vogue 8154, View C *OOP

Fabric: Vintage Cotton from 2nd Hand Sews

Size Made:  20

Pattern Notes:

This pattern was a perfect fit for me without any changes! That’s a shock! Getting the buttons lined up was a little tricky for me, but once I got it done I realized how to make it easier for myself. Mark through the button holes. Duh! lol Oh well. Yeah, I’m really a beginner but I’m trying to reach for intermediate. I bound all my unfinished edges on this skirt. The inside is really as beautiful as the outside. I love, love, love it! And… I can wear it with nearly every top in my wardrobe due to all the colors in the tiny dot print on the brown fabric. I used a large 1″ snap at the waistline where the pattern specified, and sewed it very securely. I wanted a nice, secure closure. I normally avoid pleats on bottoms, but the inverted pleat on this skirt really works well for my figure. I will certainly be using this pattern again. And the other views are great, too.

Here’s a pic of the blouse untucked:

I made some mistakes along the way, but I took my time and fixed them before getting frustrated. So glad I did! I’m incredibly proud of these two garments! I feel like a million bucks when I wear them. And the shots above are without my Spanx. It is even better looking with the Spanx. I should ROCK my second interview wearing this! I’m in awe that I now have a blouse that fits me like a glove and doesn’t pull across my bust. Let me repeat that… IT DOESN”T PULL ACROSS MY BUST!!!! I think that’s a first, ever. I refuse to wear minimizer bras anymore. I hate them and really I don’t want to hide my assets. lol

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  1. Wow what goes around comes around. 20 years ago I had a closet full of blouses and dresses with tie necklines, dropped, at the neck and one pattern with the tie to the side sitting on the collar bone (my favorite for dressy wear, had one in red taffeta and one in green satin). Yours came out beautiful. I am so glad to know you can buy the pattern again. Course its not in my size. oh well.
    You did great!!!!!

    • I know! I really do love vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. I find they are so much more flattering for me. Some things that have come back around I wish would go back away though… like hip huggers. lol Thanks for your comment!

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