Summer Side of Life


Schools out, the pool’s open and it’s hot with random thunderstorms almost daily. Yay for summer! We are planning to have a lot of fun this year. This week we will be swimming every chance we get at my in-laws’ pool. Also we have a few planned activities. This weekend we’re having some friends over to drink what is left over from my tiki party before my stepchildren come for their summer visitation on July 9th. It’s going to be a casual gathering, with us catching lightening bugs at dusk, playing tipsy laser tag in the yard, board games inside, Rock Band on the Xbox, etc.

Evie and Abbie will be participating in this great summer reading program:

Image belongs to Borders.

We’ve also signed up all the children for free bowling this summer!

Image belongs to AMF.

During the month the stepchildren are visiting we will be doing a couple day trips. One will be to Colonial Beach, VA. The other will be a visit to Antietam, MD.  The latter we are thinking will not be of much interest to the little girls, but we are sure the teens will enjoy it, so the little ones will get a day at the grandparents. There is a local archeological dig going on that my stepdaughter wants to get involved with, and there is a production at the local theater of Willy Wonka that a few of our family members are involved in. We’re thinking the teens might be interested in helping out as ushers, or maybe backstage. My friend, Heather Bartlett, is also having an Open Gallery Art Sale to sell off her work next month that I’m planning to attend.

And for days when we can’t do stuff elsewhere I have a file on the computer that I’m filling with activities and ideas for crafts/experiments that we can do around the house and in the yard.

Should be a fun summer!


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