DIY Decor: Dollar Store Beauty


Here’s another little project I had going on since last Friday that is finished:

I plan on using these in my dining area of my great room once I get it ready to decorate. It’s like 3rd on the list of areas I’m decorating in this great room. This room really has like 4 different functions. I was inspired by the tutorial at Decor Chick. The tutorial is truly lovely and if you like what I made you should go check it out. I used the following for each:

Vase – $1

Candlestick – $1

Gorilla Glue – $0*

Mini River Rocks – $0.33**

Jumbo River Rocks – $0.33**

Faux Moss Covered Rocks – $0.60***

Artificial Baby’s Breath – $0.33**

Ivory Satin Ribbon – $0*

Total Each: $3.59

* Had already at home. No cost at this time.

** One package/unit = $1 and was enough for all 3 hurricanes.

***Came in packages of 5/$1. Used 3 ‘stones’ per hurricane.

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  1. Those are beautiful. I seen the same stuff today at a $ Store, except I live in Canada and both the $1 items are $2 here but still affordable for the amazing look. I haven’t used Gorilla Glue before – does it dry clear?

    • Thanks, Sue! The Gorilla Glue said on the package that it would dry white, but I found it was clear enough to not be noticeable. And, it is on the bottom of the hurricane once it’s all put together, so you won’t see it anyways. If you use it just be sure to either use a small amount or remove the excess before it dries. It’s a pain to remove the excess after it dries. It’s like rubber.

  2. Those are beautiful! My Dollar Tree hasn’t had those vases in a while…grr!

    Visiting for the first time from Tip Junkie!

    • Thanks so much! I’ve seen people make them with HUGE fluted edge vases they found last year at Dollar Tree. Mine never had those. I wish it did. Love the look of the really big ones I’ve seen. You can find similar at Walmart and craft stores, though. For just a little more expense.

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