DIY Decor: Great Room Phase 1


I just love spring! It really is one of my muses. When walking home this morning after getting the kids on the bus I was struck with the desire to decorate our great room, but I didn’t know where I wanted to start. I looked at some of my favorite decor blogs and saw a link party where folks had done up their mantels for spring. Ding, ding, ding… we have a winner! So I went to work looking around in my hiding places stash to find inspiring items that I could use to decorate my long neglected mantle. Well, it sees decor on Christmas, so it’s not totally overlooked.

First I found some faux silver frames that I used to have family portraits in, but were now empty and stowed away. I knew I could do something with them, but I didn’t know what. I purchased them from Target’s dollar bins probably 3 years ago or longer. Then I found a little statuette of two elephants with a glass orb that had been given to me many years ago and that was IT! That was my inspiration piece. I just knew I could work with it. In the same storage spot I had two crystal candlesticks that were given to me in 1998, and I think I’ve used them once. No kidding. My husband and I both love old things, so I went hunting for free antique clipart of animals and written pages. I found the jackpot over at Graphics Fairy. So I put my hobby of digital photo editing to use and created 4 pictures of antique animal drawings over handwritten poetry to put in the frames with mats that were included with the frames. I already had a large mirror that is the normal resident on the mantel.  I turned it so it was vertical instead of horizontal, and then placed my objects.

But something just wasn’t right. The elephants were too small compared to everything else. Then I remembered a cute idea I saw somewhere in blogland about using old books as stands for objects. Voila! Three books that I was going to donate anyways became the pedestal for my cute little jade green elephants.  The only thing missing was candles. So Abbie and I went out to Dollar Tree and picked up two tapers, then we had lunch together. After scrubbing the hearth, wood stove, and fire tools here is what I ended up with today:

I LOVE it! I do need something on the right to fill in that large white area. I think either a really large vase or an artificial plant of some sort would look wonderful there. I’m leaving that on hold until I get the desk beside the hearth moved to the other side of the room and my reading nook set up over there. That will also take care of removing the network cable above the mantel.  Excuse the dirty brick. I didn’t get to it today, so that will go on the list for another day when I’m scrubbing stuff.



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