Life’s Like a Jump Rope


Up… down… up… down… up… down.

I’ve been in such a slump for over a week. Today I finally woke out of it and started making progress again. <sarcasm>I just love when my depression tries to make me self-destruct.</sarcasm> I have gotten rather good at preventing that, thankfully, so instead of doing things I know are not in my best interest I just veg and ride out the storm.  My energy, priorities, creativity, focus, attention, tolerance and patience all tank when I get this way. No wonder I try to isolate myself, right? I’m on a combination treatment for my depression, and have been for years, that has been steadily increased as I’ve aged and my depression becomes more bothersome. I’m thinking it’s about time for a check-up with my doctor to see if we need to up my dosages again, or if maybe I should try a different combo. At least now I’m back to my usual peppy-ish awesomeness and getting things done. Now to crack down and study for boards. I would rather have my teeth pulled, but it must be done.


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