Updates on My Goals for the Year


So, I haven’t forgotten about the things I said I wanted to do this year… here’s what I’ve done so far.

  1. Rebuild my wardrobe. – Knitted a new shawl. Started sewing a wardrobe staple dress that should be finished this week. Sewed a new apron (will post on this soon).  I was gifted some clothing from a friend that has made my closet not look so sparse and I’ve been scooping up good deals on versatile pieces when I find them. I have obtained a number of new pairs of shoes.
  2. Get my craft mojo back! – I love the somewhat instant gratification of sewing so I’m focusing on that for my craft outlet for now.
  3. Cull excess crap from my surroundings and life. – Slowly but surely this is happening. I got rid of almost EVERY piece of clothing that I no longer loved, wore, or fit into. It was a HUGE box full.
  4. Land my first RN job! – I’m pretty much set for a job once I’m licensed, so now I’m focusing on reviewing for my license so I can pass that insanely brutal NCLEX. (my first attept did not go well…)
  5. Get our finances in better order. – Not there yet… need #4 first.
  6. Prepare to buy our first house. Make this rental reflect us more. – Buying a house is more of a 2-3 year goal instead of a 1 year goal now, so I’ve decided that I will be making changes to this house we are renting to make it more like what we want to live in. I’m not viewing it as a temporary home for now.
  7. Devote more energy into my relationship with Bill. – Taking baby steps with this and making some improvement.
  8. Devote more energy into my relationships with Evie and Abbie. – Taking baby steps with this, also, and making improvement.
  9. Try out for another play! – Next season was posted and nothing interests me. Maybe I’ll revisit this goal next year.
  10. Prepare for my first competitive run. Get healthier! I’ve decided a competitive run is a bit ambitious for me this year. For sure it will happen next year, though. I have been working out 5 days a week, and doing pilates/jogs on rest days, for the past 2 weeks. I’ve already dropped 2 inches from my waist, 1/2 inch from my hips and 6 pounds. YAY!
  11. Go out and sing karaoke! – Hasn’t happened yet, but I still have hope. lol

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