Lots of energy today!


It’s a rare occasion, especially here lately, that I actually have an abundance of energy and inspiration.  Today is one of those days.  So, my motto for the day is:

Totally not my creation and I'm not taking credit for it.

I was browsing around Boutiques.com while Abbie was eating lunch and saw a high end designer dress that looked mighty familiar to me.

Oscar De La Renta Black Wool Dress

This dress I made on October 29, 2010 from stretch cotton sateen purchased at fabric.com with New Look 6643 as a pattern, which was pretty heavily modified for what I wanted.















Looks mighty close to me!

I went out to the mail as Abbie was cleaning up her toys in preparation for her afternoon nap.  I was hoping that a package containing my winnings from Moi Minerals would be in the mailbox, but instead I found this:

My order from Sidney @ Limmer Lane Antiques!

And it contained these:

1940's Rayon (L) and Cotton (R)

I want to make this dress from the rayon:

Coffee Date Dress free pattern found at burdastyle.com.

I want to make a couple of these with the cotton:

Apron found here: Art Threads


I should also be expecting the fabric and notions today, via UPS, to make this dress:

I’m just giddy!  So many things that I can pick to work on! I’m test knitting a hat for a friend, and I will start working on a sewing project as soon as I’m done with that.  I’m excited!

Now that Abbie is napping I will be reviewing for my NCLEX-RN exam (boards for nurses) since I have peace and quiet to focus. I hope everyone is having a lovely day!


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