Diving head first into my goals!


I’m not one to hesitate when I want to accomplish something.  I give it all I have from the get go and do my best not to burn out before I reach the desired end.  Here’s what I’ve done so far on my goals for the year.

  1. Rebuild my wardrobe. -I have been knitting myself a new wrap/rectangular shawl today.  It’s going to be soft, fuzzy, lacy and warm!  Love it!
  2. Get my craft mojo back! – As above, I’m KNITTING again!  Yay!  I’m using Joann’s Sensations Angel Hair yarn in the Neutrals colorway (it really is anything but neutral.. brown, beige, orange teal, navy with a mohair’esque fuzzy ply wrapped with it) and I’m using the Stolen Moments Wrap pattern.  I’ll write a new post on it and give pictures and such.
  3. Cull excess crap from my surroundings and life. – Lots of crap went out to the toter yesterday.  It will go to the dump on Wednesday.  Yay!
  4. Land my first RN job! – I’m waiting until tomorrow to do follow up calls and emails.
  5. Get our finances in better order. – Not there yet… need #4 first.
  6. Prepare to buy our first house. – See #5.
  7. Devote more energy into my relationship with Bill. – He’s been sick the past two days.  What a way to enter the new year!  Poor guy!  I have been doing my best to care for him and let him rest, though.
  8. Devote more energy into my relationships with Evie and Abbie. – They’ve been hineys for a few days, I think because they’ve been out of school for a while for winter break.  Hopefully they will get to be nicer girls this week since school starts back up tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to be a great mom, even in spite of them at times.  Not the easiest thing to do sometimes.
  9. Try out for another play! – Waiting for the next season to be posted.  There’s really none that interest me for the current season now.
  10. Prepare for my first competitive run. – We got a Kinect for our Xbox on Friday.  I picked up The Biggest Loser game for it.  Did the eval yesterday, and honestly I thought the game might be too intense for my current fitness level because of it.  But in spite of that slight worry, I did a 40 minute workout today.  The eval put me at the moderate level.  Glad it did.  Today’s workout was challenging, interesting, and left me feeling better than I did before I started it.  I’m certainly feeling it in my muscles, but I won’t be too sore tomorrow.  Yay!  In that 40 minutes I burned about 200 calories.  I want to try a light yoga program on the game this evening to get a good stretch.
  11. Go out and sing karaoke! – Had friends and family over yesterday for Abbie’s birthday party (post will follow soon) and my friend, Jennifer, asked if I’d like to go out and sing karaoke after graduation on Jan. 13th.  Woo hoo!  Just gotta arrange child care first but Bill and I are so there!  Woo hoo!

The only thing that feels better to me than forward momentum is actual accomplishment!  I’m definitely getting there!


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