Why, hello there 2011!


I used to do resolution lists when I was a teen.  I never kept them.  A few years ago I decided to set goals for myself, instead.  Those worked a LOT better for me.  So, without further ado, here’s what I want to accomplish over the next 12 months.

  1. Rebuild my wardrobe. – I have a TON of clothes.  Problem is, about 90% of them don’t fit!  I’ve been in process of cleaning EVERYTHING and separating out the things that no longer fit or are in too sad of shape to even attempt to repair.  Anything worth wearing I will be donating and the scrap clothes will either be tossed or salvaged for their fabric.  Once I see exactly what I have that I can wear well I will asses what I need to flesh out my wardrobe.  I want to do more sewing and knitting/crocheting this year, so I am going to try to make the things I need.
  2. Get my craft mojo back! – I spent nearly all of last year hardly making anything.  That is a sad state to be in for someone like me.  If my hands are idle I’m miserable.  So, I’m going to start working on creating beautiful things with my hands.  First up is a lovely sweater that I have the yarn for already!  Once I get that done I’m going to focus on finishing up some long abandoned projects that I need to get finished.
  3. Cull excess crap from my surroundings and life. – This is a twofold goal.  As I cull I also organize what I have left.  Yay! Anything worth any good is either going to be given away, donated, or sold.  Crap is going to the dump. I’m a hoarder and really, it’s gotten out of hand.
  4. Land my first RN job! – Kinda self explanatory.  Of course, I have to take my NCLEX first to get licensed.  I’ve sent out a ton of applications for jobs already.  Gotten one “NO”, one “get back in touch with us later” and a whole slew of crickets.  I need to start following up STAT!
  5. Get our finances in better order. – They aren’t AWFUL, but they are a little chaotic.  Gotta get back to where we were before I went to college.
  6. Prepare to buy our first house. – I hate renting.  I want my own house, yesterday.  Need to start saving ASAP.  Kinda need number 4 and 5 first, though.
  7. Devote more energy into my relationship with Bill. – He puts up with my crap.  It’s the least I can do.
  8. Devote more energy into my relationships with Evie and Abbie. – I love being told “You’re the best mom EVER!” and I want them to be able to say it more frequently than they previously have.
  9. Try out for another play! – I had so much fun trying out for Shadowlands, and got a callback from my first audition EVER!  I’m still beaming about that.  I want to try out for another one this year, or more.
  10. Prepare for my first competitive run. – I really want to do the Warrior Dash right around my 33rd birthday.  I’ve gotta exercise and get my stamina up as well as my strength.
  11. Go out and sing karaoke! – I haven’t done this in years!  And I loved it when I did it.  I’ve always wanted to stand in front of a crowd and sing, and really karaoke is about the only way it’s ever going to happen for me.  I know my childhood dream of being a professional singer is never going to come true, but I carry a decent enough tune for drunk folks to applaud.

So, tell me, what do you want to do this year?  Leave me a comment!


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