Princess Room – Phase 1


Here’s my general idea for redecorating Evie’s and Abbie’s room…

We bought this bunk bed (the room is tiny, and bunks were a must)

I know, not very princess like… well, I have ideas for that.

And the sheets are almost identical to these:

They are microfiber, super soft and have a slight sheen.

The comforters are this:

The color is a little darker in person, so far richer tonality.

The bedroom they are in had crappy 1980’s paneling… really it makes me want to retch.  I’m thinking I’d like to paint it like this, but with the colors of the bedding and white:

Now off to assemble those bunk beds.  I’ll post more on this topic when I brainstorm more decor ideas for the room.


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  1. So cool! My girls (ages 5 and 7) have similar bunk beds, only white. Same reason as yours- space saving! Their bedding is this set (scroll down to “Xhilaration Peacock Bed in Bag, Teal”) Unfortunately, Target no longer carries it, so it’s not on their website anymore, and you can’t embiggen the photo…

  2. I once read an article that suggested using solid bedding for kid rooms because as they outgrow the cartoon stuff they solids can still be appropriate. I considered that pretty darn good advice. I chose to go with darker, richer colors because they would be appealing to the girls now and even as teenagers later on.

    We were able to get them assembled before the girls’ bed time tonight, and they are loving being able to sleep in their new princess beds. They say it’s a castle bed and Evie gets to sleep in the tower (top bunk). lol I’ll probably paint the bed later on. Not sure what color yet. I’m kinda tossing between white and a metallic.

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