Late night inspiration


I have been given this lovely Art Deco tea set by my Bill:

I found it on Ruby Lane and it was very affordable.  I just HAD to have it.  It is missing the lid for the sugar bowl, but I’m perfectly fine with that.  I plan to use this set and I never put sugar in my tea, only clover honey to sweeten.  I can’t wait for it to arrive.

I had been hunting for a teapot for some time.  I kept finding metal ones, china/porcelain ones with floral designs or solid colors, some pretty Asian style ones, but nothing really said “YOU NEED ME” until I saw this set.  I love everything about it.  I always thought I was more of an Art Nouveau lover, but honestly, I’ve been searching web images tonight and have found that I really do like Art Deco style more.  Fancy that… as I’ve gotten older my style has matured a bit, too.

So now I’m thinking that I want to use the tea set as an inspiration piece for my home decor.  The colors in the set are light blue (looks purple in the pic), orange-red, gold, pearl and black.  My favorite painting is an Art Nouveau piece by Gustav Klimt called “The Kiss.” It is geometric enough to blend with Art Deco style, though, in my opinion.

And it has some of the same colors of the tea set!  SCORE!  Can you tell yet that I really like golden yellow?  I also really like a lot of Klimt’s other work and would love to primarily focus his art in my home.

I’m thinking I want my dining room to resemble this one:

Of course my home layout is a little different but I have a very long birch table that can accommodate quite a few people (I love to entertain and feed people).  I have the following 4 chairs, which I need to buy more of ASAP:

I’m currently using a craptacular bookshelf as my china storage, so I need to do something about acquiring a cabinet or buffet server with hutch.  Based on how I entertain, I think the hutch might be an optional thing and just a mounted wall cabinet or enclosed shelf would work for my china.  The buffet server is a must, though.  I need to find some AWESOME fabric to make some cushions for my dining chairs and I need to make a padded fabric insert for the chair backs.

I have this triptych and, after having it hang on my wall for 2 years, I realize I hate it.  It bores me.

So, I’m going to try to paint over the canvas.  It was an purchase and I really don’t feel bad about covering it up.  I might even get an artistic friend to paint the canvas for me as I’m far more creative than I am artistic.  Actually, I would really love to have this Klimt painting transferred to the canvas.  It’s his “Tree of Life” and it was truly designed to be split into a triptych.

I also have a couple of prints from Target that are framed in rather awesome and substantial black frames.  The prints are contemporary, but can be replaced with something more Deco easily.  I don’t have a formal dining room.  I have a great room.  So I would need to incorporate the style throughout the room, with the office area (easy enough to do, really) and the living room area (little harder to do but not impossible).  That is the BIG picture, though.  The dining room area is first on my list.

I just love planning projects!


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