I love Fridays!


My girls are always so happy on Fridays.  They have fun at school and get to bring home library books.

Abbie’s book this week:

Evie’s book this week:

I’m really looking forward to reading these with the girls!

I’m rested after a busy week juggling nursing classes, being a mom and wife, and other various obligations.  On Fridays I spend the morning, after the kids go to school, resting or napping, whichever I need.  After spending 7 hours on my feet (with a few breaks) at the hospital yesterday evening for my clinical portion of school my broken toe was numb when I got home.  Today, it was no longer numb.  It was letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that it did not like that kind of abuse and it was going to punish me soundly for it.  After a few hours of napping after taking some medication it’s now considerably more comfortable, but still not happy with me.  I’m able to walk without flinching, at least.

We’re heading out to the local PetCo to get some litter for Boris, the neurotic cat, and to take a look at the pets for sale there.  That’s the best part, seeing all the animals with the girls.  They get so much joy out of it and that gives me joy.


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