Thankful for my freedom


I come from a long line of folks who did what they had to in order to survive.  I have done some backtracking and homework on my ancestry and found many interesting souls that I am honored to be descended from.  Like most American families that have been here since pre-revolution, I have a few veterans, and folks involved in the military in some way,  in my lineage. 

Paternal Line (Research Not Complete):

Frederick Nester – Militia Soldier in Revolutionary War

Anderson Thompson Nester – Died fighting in the Civil War

John Anderson Nester – Registered for WWI but not drafted

Reford Dale Nester, Sr.  – Registered for Vietnam War but not drafted

George Robert Rodgers – Registered for WWI but not drafted

Cecil C. Rogers (Rodgers might be the correct spelling, there is some discrepancy even in currently living family) – Died in the Normandy Beach invasion during WWII

Maternal Line (Research Not Complete):

Supposedly there is someone on this line that was involved in the Revolutionary War, but I haven’t found him yet.

John A. Moore – Registered for WWI but not drafted

Kenneth Quinton Moore – Ret. Air Force Captain

Mary Elizabeth Lukefahr – Civil Servant to the US Army Quartermasters

My contribution to the family history:

My husband, Bill, is a veteran of the U.S. Army.

If my daughters decided to join the military when they are of age, I would completely support them in that decision and be very, very proud of them.

Every soldier that has, or currently is, trained to protect the freedom of my family I will be forever grateful to.  Those whom have died for that freedom deserve all the remembrance and honor we can give.


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