Picture Day Results!


I just love when my kids come home with their school pictures in their backpacks.  This year the results were wonderful!  Here’s my punishment:

Evie, Kindergarten

And my special snowflake:

Abbie, Pre-Kindergarten

I’m so happy with these.  Evie is always a ham for the camera, but Abbie usually takes horrid pro pictures.  She freaks out with them usually.  This year she must have really liked the photographer because she ALMOST had a full fledged SMILE!  lol  It’s a near miracle.


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  1. Hahaha… yeah, Evie is larger than life. Her attitude does not fit in her little body. It takes up the whole house. She has my husband’s mother’s thumbs (short tips of the thumbs) and that, along with the dimple in her chin (just like Bill’s) are the only proof that he had anything to do with making her. lol

  2. You notice how ALL my kids have that butt chin.. Talk about genetics!

    Love Ya’ and Love the Youngins’

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