What a morning!


Nearly every Monday night I spend an hour ritualistically decreasing my stress level.  Yes, that early in the week my stress is already teetering on the edge of freaking me totally out.  The ritual is something I’ve now dubbed “Moscato Mondays.” I spend from 10-11 pm watching a favorite show, Castle when it’s in season and Mad Men (that I’m catching up on) when Castle is on hiatus, and have a glass of Moscato that I enjoy thoroughly during that hour.  Usually just one glass, as the goal is to relax, not get tanked.  Well, that usually makes me a generally pleasant individual come Tuesday morning.  Tuesday is my off day from school, but it’s still a busy day.  I usually do homework, housework, errands, etc. on Tuesdays.  Never a dull moment.  So being it’s such a busy day, it’s a very good thing that I start it off relaxed and happy.  At least that way I can think straight.

But then there are mornings when Evie, my girl-spawn (she is me made over.. and it will be my undoing), wakes up in the worst mood and takes it out on EVERYBODY.  Like this morning, for example.  Shockingly I woke up before the girls did and decided to just lay in bed and enjoy the silence for a bit until they started rousing.  No sooner Abbie says “Good morning, Evie” she proceeds to get chewed out by Evie.  Oh, boy, it’s going to be one of those days… again.  I get up, still in a good mood so far, and referee the girls back to civility.  And in record time.  Hey, I’m getting good at this stuff.

Anyways, they wake and head out for breakfast.  No sooner they sit at the table Evie starts antagonizing her sister.  Thus, I separated them by having Evie sit in my usual chair at the table. That seemed to settle things down.  I bring out their oatmeal and milk and then Abbie proceeds to throw a fit about having to eat oatmeal.  She is my special snowflake  with OCD, possibly Asperger’s, hyperactivity, and probably others that make her a fascinating individual but sometimes hard to deal with.  Especially with food.  That’s just one of her triggers for flat out freak outs.  I had to spend some time talking her down and helping her realize that she did like the banana and cream oatmeal I gave her, and that I didn’t give her peach and cream oatmeal because the last time she had it she didn’t like it (the texture of the peaches) so I gave that one to Evie.  Eventually she got it and she ate every bite of her breakfast and told me it was “Yummy delicious!”  lol  Phew… survived breakfast pretty well.  On to getting dressed.

Ok, so this is where Evie’s foul mood shows up again.  She wants to wear a skirt outfit that she wanted to wear yesterday but couldn’t due to it being too cold in the morning.  It’s PE day.  Skirt + PE = 6 year old flipping up her skirt to EVERY soul in her class.  Um, NO! So the 10 minute negotiation of what to wear for the day starts.  I take out all her long sleeve tops and describe them in a manner to appeal to her how beautiful her tops are and why this one is fabulous, or that one is just simply gorgeous, etc.  Hey, my dad was a used car sales man at one time, and fairly good at it.  It’s in the genes.  She eventually picks a different outfit and the crisis of my daughter becoming a flasher is averted.  The rest of the “Let’s get ready and get out the door to the bus” routine is pretty uneventful today.  Then comes the bus stop time.

Abbie gets on her bus first, and that goes off without a hitch.  Yay!  Now Evie and I walk to her bus stop and wait for her friends to show up.  Her friend that is also in kindergarten comes with her mom and little brother.  They typically bring toys to keep the little brother entertained (I think he’s like 3) but Evie being highly egocentric likes to act like the toys are hers to do with as she pleases.  I’m working on correcting that, but she’s a stubborn little git.  The girl-friend brought a version of this toy:

And let me tell you… it sent Evie into a jealous rage, nearly.  After meltdown and tears and screaming at me that “It isn’t fair!” she gets to take a picture with the awful axis of evil.  Now, I am considering buying one.. or I mean having “Santa” get Evie one because she likes the toy so much.  We dry her tears, give each other the best-ever hugs and kisses, and then the girl-spawn gets on the bus, looks out her window and mouths to me ‘I love you, Mommy” after blowing me a kiss.  Yeah, she’s forgiven for being my punishment that my dad cursed me with.  She is amazingly loving and sweet when she wants to be and honestly that redeems her of nearly everything in my eyes.

All of that before 8:40 AM.  Now I can prop my broken toe (and the foot it’s attached to) up while I enjoy my chai latte.  Then off to conquer the world one task at a time with a satisfied smile on my face.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Tuesday!


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