Oh my aching…


…back, foot, and energy level. 

I’m living daily with arthritis in my spine, right here:

So, basically on days when the weather is bad, I slept wrong, or ye old Arthur is just acting up it hurts to just breathe since my ribs join my spine in that section.

Last Friday I broke one of my toes.  This one at the top joint:

Abbie and I walked right into each other.  I stepped on her foot, she was unhurt, but my toe went snap when it landed.  Of course being a great mom (well, maybe.. I do try lol) I was more concerned for my youngest child than for the fact I was in excruciating pain.

Finally, my energy level has been almost nil for months due to my thyroid gland enlarging.  Mine looks remarkably like the one labeled Goiter below:

My thyromegaly is fairly new in development and my hormone levels are still pretty normal, but I’ve got a lot of classic symptoms of hypothyroidism already.  I get to have more blood sucked from my veins in a few months to check my hormone levels again.  I’m actually hoping they are low so I can be put on some Synthroid and start moving forward with living with this condition.

So, this past weekend was pretty much me doing nothing.  Ugh.  I hate being sedentary.


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